Bless' It Beauty Salon, NFP 

                                         501C3 Nonprofit                                          

Sister to Sister Connections

 Sister to Sister Connection  is a mentoring group of young woman of all races, and background, that come together to share their stories and bond with each other.   Most find out that they are not that different from others and that they are unique in a great way.  This program offers lots of workshops such as : beauty from within, Jr. stylist academy, healthy hair, proper and appropriate make-up application, skin care with care, basic braiding, health nails,  etc., This is a sisterhood.  I chance for young woman to bond and be themselves.  This is a judge free zone.   Bless'It Beauty Salon, NFP provides a place where can come learn, ask question and connect.  We learn, We Dance, We Sing, We Eat and We bond! 
All of these workshops are completely FREE!

Jr. Stylist Academy

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